The purpose of this collaborative website is to offer a place to continue discussing collectively themes, issues and questions that were raised and brought to the fore during the Pierre Du Bois conference on ”INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS AND THE POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES” that was held in Geneva in December 2013. It aims at building up a collective knowledge on the same topic.

Each author has her or his password and will find a dedicated space where to enter his or her contribution on the various proposed themes (or boxes). Authors will be free to choose any theme they like from the list and to decide under which category their research fits best. Contributions of each author will be based on the material collected during her or his research. He or she should also raise questions pertinent to each theme so to open discussion.

The length of each contribution (per theme) should not be too long (maximum 1,000 words – notes included- but could be much shorter). The additional work to adjust to the new format should not take too much time. The idea is to create a real platform of discussion to set the base for a further step of the project, sketched in the next paragraphs. All authors would be able to read what everybody else writes.

Authors’ contributions on each theme will build up a longer essay under the supervision of one responsible author. When texts will crystallize and after adequate editing, we plan to add to the platform a blog where authors can interactively discuss each theme. So, from a static part of the project we enter a virtual forum.

At that stage, we will consider whether the virtual discussions and the various themes can become a collective book or an open virtual forum and approach academic editors.

Authors on this website:

Simon Jackson

Lecturer/Assistant Professor at University of Birmingham

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Ludovic Tournès

professor of international history at university of Geneva



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Kiran Klaus Patel

Jean Monnet Professor of European and Global History at Maastricht University


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Reto Steffen

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